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  1. Walter Rosevear

    A very professional company that will work around the clock to cater to your every needs. Refitted our 43′ voyage and we are ready to circumnavigate safely. Highly recommend this company to anyone in need of professional and reasonably priced work.

  2. Robin Morrin and family

    We purchased a cat in Florida in the fall of ’13 to start a three year trip. During the refit we encountered many different contractors and some were good, some terrible, but without a doubt the best among them was Steve and Glenis. He was intelligent, responsive, scrupulously honest, and one of the best mechanics we have encountered in our travels. We were an hour north and he worked around our schedule and returned as often as needed to get us on our way.

    Of special note we were having issues with an engine alarm and during his lunch, Steve went to the Yanmar dealer, got a copy of the wiring diagram, studied it on the way to Stuart after work, and solved the issue in two minuites. That is initiative.

    When we were en route to the Bahamas I recieved a call on the cell and to my suprise it was Steve, simply checking up to see if all the systems were working properly?? Who does that?

    When we had a starter problem and were stuck in an anchorage in PR I called him in desperation. He talked me through the issue, got the engine going and sent me to a contact of his in the BVI who was able to replace the starter relay.

    We got to know both Glenis and Steve during the refit and I recommend them without hesitateion. Glennis will get the parts and Steve will put them in quickly, correctly and reasonably. My only regret is that we didn’t have another cabin or we would have taken them with us!

  3. Ed Springer

    All I can say is Steve Evans is the most knowledgeable boat mechanic I have had the pleasure of knowing.His expertise in all marine systems comes from his years of experience as a head mechanic in one of the largest charter fleets in the world, where turning a boat repair around quickly, and correctly is of paramount importance.
    I have had Steve work on my newly acquired Leopard 42 Catamaran ,bringing all systems up to brand new standards.
    I would not hesitate to recommend Steve for any marine repair, as he is not only knowledgeable in all phases of work, he, and his wife Glenis are two of the most honest, personable, and hardest working people on the docks.
    I can say that Steve knows my boats systems better than I do.
    I can not speak highly enough of his professionalism, work ethic and knowledge of marine mechanical and electrical systems and his ability to get the work done in a timely manner, unlike other mechanics I have had the displeasure of hiring, prior to meeting Steve.
    He is the best thing that has happened to my boat.

  4. Paul Scott

    Once again, Steve Evans had the right answer when I phoned him from Huahine, Tahiti with a gen set problem. Steve has been on spot with my boat problems for years but I continue to be impressed how he can know exactly what the problem is just from a phone call. I was back in business in less than 2 hours after he told me what to do. I highly recommend him to anyone who has a boat and needs a fair and extremely competent individual to perform or oversee repairs, refits or just trouble shoot systems on board. Thanks again Steve.

  5. David Jones

    Arrived in west Palm Beach with some boat problems on my new boat. Wish I would have flown Steve up to Annapolus to survey my boat. Steve diagnosed problems easily, always shows up on time for the price we agreed on. By far my best experience with a boat contractor, I would highly recommend him

  6. Greg Cameron

    He was on time,really new his stuff.
    You can see how professional and passionate he is with his work. I would absolutely recommend his serivce work. First master mechanic to show up with a huge drop cloth to put his tools on!

  7. Fil Filipov

    Steve is very competent, trustworthy, punctual and very profusion!!
    I have confidence in his work!

  8. "Mad Son" Fishing Charters

    Steve was not only very responsive and knows everything about boats from mechanical down to electrical and everything in between (jack of all trades), he is very professional as well. My boat needed the transmission replaced, others wanted me to haul the boat so they didn’t have to lift anything heavy, Steve said that was crazy and we did it while the boat was in the water, saved me money from an already expensive project. As a charter boat, time was an importance and he was very sympathetic to my needs, working late to get us running. (we lost a lot of trips (money) throughout this process, Steve made it as stress free as he could while again, being on the ball. As you know if you know diesel engines, they leak, my engine room is very clean with NOTHING coming out of it anywhere, my oil absorbents are as white as I put them in, First time in well, as long as I owned the boat. For a charter boat this is huge!! I would and am referring Sa Sea Services to everyone I know and he is on my speed dial because I will for sure use him again!! Before you call anyone call Steve you will be happy and impressed with his work!! “Tight Lines” Capt. George, Mad Son Fishing


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